Open Networked Seminar at Kean University

The Second Half (or first for some)

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It’s the second half for most of you. This is the beginning of the sprint to the end. Review the general schedule. Our plan for second semester students is to meet for the first scheduled class and then work independently,… Continue Reading →

In the Arganee Journal

Our ResNetSem students are now published.. well it is our own journal, but hey, we can do that. For their final requirement of the first semester seminar, the students were asked to submit their working draft of their introduction, a… Continue Reading →

#ResNetSem Green Pill or Red Pill [Bitter Pill]?

Actually those pills in the photo are jelly beans, so not really bitter. And I lacked a blue one. All in service of a metaphor, where, for a time, I had to question my beliefs / approaches to networked teaching. There is not really a “last” chance. After this, there is some turning back. You […]

The Semester Finish Line

There is the semester finish line- next week, Thursday, December 21. You are all at the 0.5 Thesis Point. These are some things to consider for preparing your State of The Thesis to the Arganee Journal Site. Parts is Parts… Continue Reading →

i’ve never been good at naming things.

So, after a class meeting one night, I starting jotting down every title that I felt fit for my thesis. I went through things like: Breaking the Manacles: Seeing the You in You Fightin’ & Fixin’ Waves of _____ … Nice to meet me ____Ways of being Despite all of these, I have been pretty […]


rough, rough draft / when it is in wayyy better shape, i will share it out via wordpress link Advertisements

Link to Intro & Outline

My intro is kinda a trainwreck right now, so I’m going to share the link to it, rather than posting my segmented ramblings here.Working intro.Personally, I’m more excited about the outline I drew up last night, so maybe this is a little more interestin…

Skeleton Intro

Really, really rough attempt at thinking about my into….to be continued…. Intro (first draft- ROUGH!!) Description (from proposal..may need to change) My MA thesis is a highly personal and creative endeavor which explores the ways in which memory and mode impact the construction of meaning, the development of truth, and the discovery of one’s self. […]


I’m also still struggling with a working title… for some reason, though, I keep gravitating toward the words “binge” or “bent.” Maybe moreso bent, as it can be a slang for being intoxicated and gay, which fits Allen to a T. I’m only worrying that the title might mess with maybe how the poems may …

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Working Thesis Title

The (Trans)humanism of Young Adult Literature: Exploring the Shortsighted Nature of Transhumanism Through the Scope of Youth

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