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Week 8: Writing Work Ahead

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There’s writing ahead, and research, and writing, and research. These next two weeks we will not have our scheduled meeting times, so you can focus on your shaping projects. While I shall be traveling, I am reading blogs, checking for… Continue Reading →

I’m still here.

How do you write a thesis with no idea of what you want to write about? I’m floundering and I don’t see any end to this struggle. If I graduate this program, it might be a miracle.I’m scrapping all the work I have done up to this point because I’m no l…


Scalar is a curious little program.  There are some cool features such as the “choose your path option,” but it took a long time for me to get the hang of it and I hit a few roadblocks which, thankfully I was able to around (eventually).  The site doesn’t allow large images so I ended up using […]

put down your cigarette rag

I wanted to reread “Kaddish” today, and then when I finished, I wanted to hear it read by Allen himself. I know I’ve heard a recording of it before by him, but the one I was listening to just wasn’t doing it a lot of justice. I have it in the back of my mind …

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up to something.

So, it has been a while since I have come on here and have said hello to you all… hello. There it is. I have not been posting as consistently as I probably should, but I am going to say very confidently that in some ways I regret that, and in others I am happy […]

Dad’s Memorial Speech

I dug up the speech I wrote for my dad’s memorial service.  That day – many years ago – I read it from scribbled notes.  Today, I decided to type the speech as something I could share with my dad in an email, perhaps.  I wonder (even now) what he would think about how I portrayed […]

poem for allen

Last Wednesday, Dr. Rich (the professor kinda sorta related to good old Allen) handed me a piece of paper before class started. He said it was a poem he had written a number of years ago, and he had more or less forgotten about it until our conversation had triggered the memory of it. Dr. …

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What is Real

This Sunday I spent more hours than I would like to admit working on my thesis. I had been thinking about what type of online presence, if any, I might like my thesis to inhabit. I’m not necessarily convinced of the need to incorporating a true “multimedia” (audio, video, etc.) version of my project but […]

More Sources!

I forgot to add– here are the additional sources I have discovered in my reading today:”Network Analysis and the Sociology of Modernism” by Richard Jean So and Hoyt Long”The Werther Effect I: Goethe, Objecthood, and the Handling of Knowledge” by Adrew…

Tallies and work

Forgive the format of these blog posts, but I’ve found that stream-of-conscious writing works best for me to detail my thesis work. To begin for today:I often joke that in the past few months I’ve developed running tallies for things that I’ve consider…

Uninteresting Updates

Reading, reading, reading, reading, reading! That’s what I’m up to!Today I braved the Kean computer lab for the second time in my graduate career and printed out my list of sources from last week. It was a fairly uneventful experience, and I’m excited …

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