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Alan Levine

Week 6: Into (and out of) Thesis Tank

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No pressure. This week’s class is meant to play off of the Shark Tank show without the sharks. The idea is to bring to class a panel of scholars who have experience in writing, or advising writing theses or in… Continue Reading →

Don’t Trope on Me

Gah TV. For someone who was totally raised from watching 1970s cartoons, sitcoms on a large glowing box, my hunger these days to “watch” is nil. Not being any kind of “All TV is Bad” purist, I just choose not to have it beamed in my house. I find IM just end devouring time better […]

Week 5: Digging Deeper in Research

Hopefully your research digging is not just one long tunnel, but one with many branches, open doors, and lots of warm light. In last week’s discussion session from the DML Conference we heard Kim Jaxon describe how the thesis process… Continue Reading →

Week 4: What’s New?

Not meant as an inquiry of how your week is going (but by all means tell us), more as an over-arching question on your research question… and it should hopefully be more that a crush or tears hung out to… Continue Reading →

Network Amplifying / Blog Signal

I long dreamed of playing guitar through a stack of Marshall amps. The problem for anyone in range would be my horrible musical signal going in. But that’s not the topic of this post. If I have learned anything in my unplanned career in online stuff it’s the value of putting ideas, questions out there, […]

Week 3: A Little Blog Heat

Just turning up the heat a tad. A slight bit. This is not a class where you get graded on a certain number of blog posts per week, assigned like homework. But I am looking to follow your thinking, progress… Continue Reading →

Hi, I am your disembodied teacher

Well, maybe not literally. Although I did once launch a headless ds106 that spawned a (Photohopped) decapitation theme. This semester I am teaching, from my home in Arizona, a seminar for five Writing Studies students at Kean University doing their MA Thesis. They’ve already experienced this mode, as it was how I co-taught the Networked […]

Week 2: Getting to the Question (& the Problem)

From our group and individual conversations and in your initial blogs posts, all the Kean Crew thesis bloggers have a good idea for their thesis topic. Yet a thesis needs more than a topic, it needs a more specific question,… Continue Reading →

Question of The Week (QoTW) 3: How Might You Create a Potential for Structured Serendipity?

Serendipity is a beautiful, unexpected thing when it happens to you. While you cannot apply a formula to generate serendipity some writers suggest there are things you can do to create the potential for more. Finance Journalist Jason Zweig describes… Continue Reading →

Question of The Week (QoTW) 2: Where Do Ideas Come From?

Since we are in this phase of finding and focusing our research, it's worth considering how, where we get ideas. As author Steven Johnson describes in 1

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