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The Second Half (or first for some)

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It’s the second half for most of you. This is the beginning of the sprint to the end. Review the general schedule. Our plan for second semester students is to meet for the first scheduled class and then work independently,… Continue Reading →

In the Arganee Journal

Our ResNetSem students are now published.. well it is our own journal, but hey, we can do that. For their final requirement of the first semester seminar, the students were asked to submit their working draft of their introduction, a… Continue Reading →

#ResNetSem Green Pill or Red Pill [Bitter Pill]?

Actually those pills in the photo are jelly beans, so not really bitter. And I lacked a blue one. All in service of a metaphor, where, for a time, I had to question my beliefs / approaches to networked teaching. There is not really a “last” chance. After this, there is some turning back. You […]

The Semester Finish Line

There is the semester finish line- next week, Thursday, December 21. You are all at the 0.5 Thesis Point. These are some things to consider for preparing your State of The Thesis to the Arganee Journal Site. Parts is Parts… Continue Reading →

Week 14: Fast Forwarded

Zzzzzzzip! We are after a last announcement for Week 8. No one in #resnetsem has been idle, but this is a tad symbolic. Now that we here, let’s get back in gear. Next week will be our last scheduled seminar,… Continue Reading →

Week 8: Writing Work Ahead

There’s writing ahead, and research, and writing, and research. These next two weeks we will not have our scheduled meeting times, so you can focus on your shaping projects. While I shall be traveling, I am reading blogs, checking for… Continue Reading →

Week 7: Research Studio Work

We’ve had three weeks with much interaction from beyond seminar at the DML Conference (week 4), an in-seminar visit with Barbara Ganley (week 5), and last week’s Thesis Tank (week 6). What do you do with all that input, plus… Continue Reading →

Week 6: Into (and out of) Thesis Tank

No pressure. This week’s class is meant to play off of the Shark Tank show without the sharks. The idea is to bring to class a panel of scholars who have experience in writing, or advising writing theses or in… Continue Reading →

Don’t Trope on Me

Gah TV. For someone who was totally raised from watching 1970s cartoons, sitcoms on a large glowing box, my hunger these days to “watch” is nil. Not being any kind of “All TV is Bad” purist, I just choose not to have it beamed in my house. I find IM just end devouring time better […]

Week 5: Digging Deeper in Research

Hopefully your research digging is not just one long tunnel, but one with many branches, open doors, and lots of warm light. In last week’s discussion session from the DML Conference we heard Kim Jaxon describe how the thesis process… Continue Reading →

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