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Week 8: Writing Work Ahead

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There’s writing ahead, and research, and writing, and research. These next two weeks we will not have our scheduled meeting times, so you can focus on your shaping projects. While I shall be traveling, I am reading blogs, checking for… Continue Reading →

Week 7: Research Studio Work

We’ve had three weeks with much interaction from beyond seminar at the DML Conference (week 4), an in-seminar visit with Barbara Ganley (week 5), and last week’s Thesis Tank (week 6). What do you do with all that input, plus… Continue Reading →

Week 6: Into (and out of) Thesis Tank

No pressure. This week’s class is meant to play off of the Shark Tank show without the sharks. The idea is to bring to class a panel of scholars who have experience in writing, or advising writing theses or in… Continue Reading →

Week 5: Digging Deeper in Research

Hopefully your research digging is not just one long tunnel, but one with many branches, open doors, and lots of warm light. In last week’s discussion session from the DML Conference we heard Kim Jaxon describe how the thesis process… Continue Reading →

Week 4: What’s New?

Not meant as an inquiry of how your week is going (but by all means tell us), more as an over-arching question on your research question… and it should hopefully be more that a crush or tears hung out to… Continue Reading →

Week 3: A Little Blog Heat

Just turning up the heat a tad. A slight bit. This is not a class where you get graded on a certain number of blog posts per week, assigned like homework. But I am looking to follow your thinking, progress… Continue Reading →

Week 2: Getting to the Question (& the Problem)

From our group and individual conversations and in your initial blogs posts, all the Kean Crew thesis bloggers have a good idea for their thesis topic. Yet a thesis needs more than a topic, it needs a more specific question,… Continue Reading →

Week 1: Net Smart Thesis Writers

How wonderful it was to see and hear everyone in seminar Thursday. We are off and thesis-ing. I enjoyed your round of introductions; the video has been linked in our Slack (the #general channel, cough cough a reason to get… Continue Reading →

Question of The Week (QoTW) Numero Uno

Not as much a twitter chat than a looping open conversation, Mia Zamora and I are launching this week, a feature we hope/expect our Kean and Bergen students to participate, and expect/hope a wider range of people elsewhere. It’s just… Continue Reading →

Week 0: Get Ready to Seminar

For the Kean students in #ResNetSem our journey begins in a week. It’s T minus 8 months until you complete a beautiful thesis. Typically a “weekly” post like this will be published by Monday before we meet on Thursdays; this… Continue Reading →

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