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Week 2: Getting to the Question (& the Problem)

From our group and individual conversations and in your initial blogs posts, all the Kean Crew thesis bloggers have a good idea for their thesis topic. Yet a thesis needs more than a topic, it needs a more specific question,… Continue Reading →

Week 1: Net Smart Thesis Writers

How wonderful it was to see and hear everyone in seminar Thursday. We are off and thesis-ing. I enjoyed your round of introductions; the video has been linked in our Slack (the #general channel, cough cough a reason to get… Continue Reading →

The Indispensable Digital Research Tool I can Say, Without Lying, Saves Time

I sometimes tell people that when technology evangelists espouse that their tool saves you time, that it’s a red flag warning / code talk for “I am lying”. But here, I share my one, career tested exception; it’s old technology that many people have abandoned. I will wade carefully through the acronym jargon, but it’s […]

Week 0: Get Ready to Seminar

For the Kean students in #ResNetSem our journey begins in a week. It’s T minus 8 months until you complete a beautiful thesis. Typically a “weekly” post like this will be published by Monday before we meet on Thursdays; this… Continue Reading →

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