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Weird Things Happen Sometimes

A weird thing happened.  I was looking through a binder that belonged to my father (in it, he kept a detailed record of his battle and recovery from prostate cancer, which was deemed as being caused by agent orange during Vietnam) when I came across an out-of-place piece of paper.  Apparently, my father was teaching […]

Week 8: Writing Work Ahead

Sticky post

There’s writing ahead, and research, and writing, and research. These next two weeks we will not have our scheduled meeting times, so you can focus on your shaping projects. While I shall be traveling, I am reading blogs, checking for… Continue Reading →

Sources thus far

Books:Reading in Participatory Culture: Remixing Moby-Dick in the English Classroom by Henry JenkinsDistant Reading by Franco MorettiDigital Humanities and the Lost Drama of Early Modern England: Ten Case Studies by Matthew SteggleLiterature-…

exciting stuff?!

Last night I found out my professor for Writing for Young Adult and Children is kind of related to Allen Ginsberg – what?! Apparently, his mom’s first cousin married Ginsberg’s aunt. So there’s kind of a relation / kind of not. His older brother, who was roughly around Ginsberg’s age, would hang out with young …

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i get stuck sometimes.

Advice: Don’t overthink it.   Sincerely, Yourself Advertisements

i read and did some thinking.

So, as my title says, I have read some things and did some thinking while reading. This past week I picked up an article that Dr. Conyers (head of Africana Studies here at Kean) had given me when I met with him. The piece was about the images of black women in Afro-American poetry and is […]

Spiraling with focus

I keep a sticky note open on my desktop at all times, with a running tally of how many times I’ve reworked (totally or partially) my thesis idea. Currently, the count is at 6, and we’re only two months into the adventure.However, I do feel that I am ge…

allen goes digital, hailey goes on a rant

After last week’s Thesis Tank, you can say I was… inspired, so to say. Maybe a bit challenged, too. If I’m being honest, I feel like I got less out of it the experience than everyone else, and that’s okay – the panel was not a good fit for dispensing constructive criticism and guidance for my …

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The “tank” wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be.  I hated that I read my “pitch” but I got the job done.  The panel was more than generous for giving up their time to assist us and it was obvious many of them had read up on our theses beforehand. A […]

Week 7: Research Studio Work

We’ve had three weeks with much interaction from beyond seminar at the DML Conference (week 4), an in-seminar visit with Barbara Ganley (week 5), and last week’s Thesis Tank (week 6). What do you do with all that input, plus… Continue Reading →

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