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This Thesis, Mah Thesis

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Question of The Week (QoTW) 2: Where Do Ideas Come From?

Since we are in this phase of finding and focusing our research, it's worth considering how, where we get ideas. As author Steven Johnson describes in 1

Master of None??

In the required entrance essay to Kean’s Master’s program I rambled on about how I always thought of myself as a sort of “Jack of all trades” and that completing this degree would qualify me as a “Master of one…”  So, here I am.  The beginning of the end of my journey.  I’m not surprised […]

Closed Species 101

I have come to the realization (with Prof. Levine’s help!) that my readers might need some fundamental, background information on closed species communities in order to get the most out of this blog.  This post will be an introduction to the concept.  A large portion of what’s written here will be a repeat of information … Continue reading Closed Species 101

Week 1: Net Smart Thesis Writers

How wonderful it was to see and hear everyone in seminar Thursday. We are off and thesis-ing. I enjoyed your round of introductions; the video has been linked in our Slack (the #general channel, cough cough a reason to get… Continue Reading →

It Begins

Hello colleagues, professors, scholars, and other readers. I am a student currently enrolled in Kean University’s Master of Arts in English and Writing Studies program.  This blog is the place where I’ll be documenting my MA thesis journey, which I anticipate to be equal parts grueling and invigorating, like hot yoga or some kind of … Continue reading It Begins

Pickles and Shoe Tying

Is there a possible connection? Only in my blog, my mind. In a series on blogging (what a whacky idea in 2017), Doug Belshaw outlined ideas on Deciding what to write about in your blog post. I left a 2-3 paragraph comment that seems to have fallen into the cracks. I think we agree that […]

Question of The Week (QoTW) Numero Uno

Not as much a twitter chat than a looping open conversation, Mia Zamora and I are launching this week, a feature we hope/expect our Kean and Bergen students to participate, and expect/hope a wider range of people elsewhere. It’s just… Continue Reading →

The Indispensable Digital Research Tool I can Say, Without Lying, Saves Time

I sometimes tell people that when technology evangelists espouse that their tool saves you time, that it’s a red flag warning / code talk for “I am lying”. But here, I share my one, career tested exception; it’s old technology that many people have abandoned. I will wade carefully through the acronym jargon, but it’s […]

Week 0: Get Ready to Seminar

For the Kean students in #ResNetSem our journey begins in a week. It’s T minus 8 months until you complete a beautiful thesis. Typically a “weekly” post like this will be published by Monday before we meet on Thursdays; this… Continue Reading →

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