Not as much a twitter chat than a looping open conversation, Mia Zamora and I are launching this week, a feature we hope/expect our Kean and Bergen students to participate, and expect/hope a wider range of people elsewhere.

It’s just a chance to think about a question related to research, writing, digital culture, and maybe other things we do not imagine, and respond when/if it moves you.

Our first one is up…

We seek just to share where we stand on concerns of privacy and surveillance online, not making a stand, just where you are on a spectrum of maybe benign indifference to total paranoia. What what are the things you are doing, trying to manage that?

Just respond in one tweet or a 200 tweet thread (no don’t) using the #resnetsem hashtag.

This site will run a post like this every week as an announcement, and so an archive is available via the QoTW category archive. We also will keep a list of all questions in a public Google Doc.

Featured Image: The Questioning Roboto flickr photo by matt hutchinson shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license