Networks transform dynamically, schedules are fixed. Here (soon) will be the shape of the seminar, defined more as a spine, upon which details shall be affixed.

a.k.a filler

  • September: Develop idea, finalize early proposal draft. Begin resource review / lit sharing, participate in 2 #resnetsem “events”?
  • October: Continue refinement of proposal, represent as metaphor? Compressed? Shrink to a tweet? Expand / winnow lit review, plan research component, solicit network input
  • November: Finalize outline plan for research / writing. Develop plan for final three minute thesis presentation
  • December: Summarize status to date as a web document and 3-5 minute live video presentation

Featured Image: “File:A wisent skeleton.JPG” Wikimedia Commons photo by KenNet shared under a CC BY-SA license