We’ve had three weeks with much interaction from beyond seminar at the DML Conference (week 4), an in-seminar visit with Barbara Ganley (week 5), and last week’s Thesis Tank (week 6).

What do you do with all that input, plus your own research? This week we go into Studio time.

This is the idea of working in proximity of others, an “artist’s or worker’s workroom”, look at the word origin:

The word studio is derived from the Italian: studio, from Latin: studium, from studere, meaning to study or zeal.

It’s one of my favorite metaphors for doing creative work (and your theses are creative), there is an energy that happens when we work independently but in proximity of each other.

This is our format for this week’s seminar, a suggestion that came directly from our discussion last week. Come to class prepared to research, to write, to bounce ideas off of each other. I am doing the same. While you work, I will set up brief appointments one on one with each of you.

As we move into November and with scheduling around your teacher’s travel, your work mode will be even more independent. This makes it more important to remain networked and connected. I am looking for these kinds of outputs:

  • Continued blogging on your process. I hate to put a number on this, but its the primary means for me to follow your work, but moreso, this will help you, I promise, in going through this promise. I expect to see 3 or more posts per week. They need not be giant treatises, but anything you come across, an idea, a resource, a fleeting thought– blog it.
  • Networked Participation share/converse in twitter via #resnetsem and/or converse in our Slack channels and/or give each other feedback via comments.
  • Shared Zotero Library Keep adding to your own resource collection, but also slide copies of interesting papers, web sites, etc to our shared library. I would expect to see something every week if you are actively researching. It’s one click to add, another to drag.

Also, make your phone appointments this week!

See you in the studio.


Featured Image” Juhan “working” flickr photo by juhansonin shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license