There’s writing ahead, and research, and writing, and research. These next two weeks we will not have our scheduled meeting times, so you can focus on your shaping projects. While I shall be traveling, I am reading blogs, checking for your posts via feedly, noting the #resnetsem hashtag, monitoring Slack, and available for questions, discussions any time we can schedule.

Your activity I hope to see from these places includes (but are not limited to):

  • Make improvements / updates to your Google Doc “one pager”. Get rid of weasel words, tighten up the writing. Keep asking yourself, does it convey someone (a) how important it is to you and (b) how it means something to the field. Is there an indication of am answer to the question, “So what”
  • Review your literature review. Are you tracking your references? Are you putting them in Zotero? Your final literature review should include a one paragraph annotation for each item that summarizes the central argument of the reading and how you will take up this argument in light of their own work, along with how your project might be different or distinct from the work cited. The notes field in Zotero is a good place to store this.
  • Communicate. Again, I am looking for 3 blog posts per week, they need not be long, but just reflect the things you are working on, reading, wrestling with. Check in our #kean slack channel a few times a week and tell us what you are up to.
  • Don’t Forget those Reference Librarians – you should be developing more specific research interest needs. Use Librarians. This is what they love to do.
  • Craft your One Pager into an OER18 Poster Presentation Proposal To be part of our planned effort to participate in the OER18 conference, start using your in-progress one pager as a start of a draft proposal. This must be submitted before November 17 (see the call for proposals). Create a new doc and share with me, which should be in semi-solid shape by November 10.

    It’s okay to project somewhat what you hope to share. The conference focus is on how education, research work is done online in the open, which all of your projects include already. Use also the experiences, gained from the networked approach of this seminar. This also means in your public online work, I want to see use of media that is open licensed, and attributed. O can speak more to you individually about matching your projects to the conference theme.

We will talk more about the planning and fund-raising for this trip once you assemble a conference proposal (submitting one is required to be part of our crazy dream plan).

Write, right?

Featured Image: Modified Text on sign from Road Work Ahead flickr photo by Mustafa Khayat shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license