It’s the second half for most of you. This is the beginning of the sprint to the end.

Review the general schedule. Our plan for second semester students is to meet for the first scheduled class and then work independently, with meetings as needed. I will hold office hours during our scheduled class meeting time.

This is the time to get ready to write, write, and write more. You should be thinking of writing every day, and doing so as many as possible. You should also be posting a summary of your progress at the end of each week to your blog and scheduling weekly review meetings with your instructor, aka me.

Do not forget the “networked” aspect of the seminar. Share/ask for ideas, resources, help in your blog, in twitter. There are people out there we can tap into to lend support to your work.

To get things going, make sure that you introduction, outline, and any other sections drafted that were part of your first pre-publication at the Arganee Journal are saved and shared in your Google Drive folder so I can add comments for review.

As you gather media to use in your thesis, you will need to make sure you are not using copyrighted content, or if so, that you have written permission to do so. We will review where/how to locate media you can re-use under open licenses.

Some of you will be beginning the first semester of your thesis, and should be looking at the appropriate section of the general schedule. Plan to meet with me via video conferencing during the schedule seminar time.

You are all on your way.

Featured Image: Pixabay photo by geralt shared into the public domain using Creative Commons CC0.