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25,000 words later…

So, this is it. This is the post where I come on to tell the world that I have finished my thesis Breaking the Manacles: Finding, Claiming, and Shaping Self. This post is coming later than it should’ve been, and I am not proud of the amount of extra time that it took for me […]

let me tell you a story.

So what had happened was… I walk into my town’s Starbucks, and I set my bag and coat down to reserve myself a table. It was cold that night, so I grabbed myself a chai tea latte so that I wouldn’t be sitting in this establishment without purchasing anything… because that would be awkward. When […]

more poems!


what even is a poet, anyway?

Howdy! It has been a long while since I have signed on here, but the new semester has started and I am slowly getting myself back into the swing of everything. I am little late with this post, but it’s okay. Coming back into the semester, my seminar group was asked what we had been […]


off to what i feel is a strong start for the new semester. i’ve been feeling invigorated and motivated and all that good jazz. i’m ready for my thesis, ready to treat myself better, ready to prepare myself for the real world ahead. i mentioned i’ve started to develop a new routine, in order to …

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