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up to something.

So, it has been a while since I have come on here and have said hello to you all… hello. There it is. I have not been posting as consistently as I probably should, but I am going to say very confidently that in some ways I regret that, and in others I am happy […]

i read and did some thinking.

So, as my title says, I have read some things and did some thinking while reading. This past week I picked up an article that Dr. Conyers (head of Africana Studies here at Kean) had given me when I met with him. The piece was about the images of black women in Afro-American poetry and is […]

i am orange.

Orange is a color of fascination, enthusiasm and passion; today, I am orange. Everything that drives this thesis is fascination and passion. I couldn’t be more excited that I get to work on something that means so much to me. I am hoping that this post will not be long at all. In brief, and […]

I Think I’m on to…..

When researching didn’t seem like it could get any harder than that time you sat staring at your computer in preparation for that 22 page paper. Well, for me, it just did. In most cases, I do feel like I am “on to something”, but in others I feel like I have no idea what […]

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