For the Kean students in #ResNetSem our journey begins in a week. It’s T minus 8 months until you complete a beautiful thesis.

Typically a “weekly” post like this will be published by Monday before we meet on Thursdays; this one is just a bit early since it’s the first. Future ones will include a reading or a video I’d like everyone to read/watch before we meet as fodder for seminar discussion.

For at least the first few weeks we will meet as a group, Thursdays, 4:15pm – 7:30pm in Center for Academic Success, room 350. I will beam in via a Google Hangout. Your assignment for this first week… is just to show up. A few more bits of contact information will be sent to you by email.

In this seminar you are largely self-responsible for working independently and working on aspects of your project every week. With our geographic distance, communication is essential as is using your blog to keep yourself (and me) aware of your challenges and progress. But you are not isolated; you have each other plus an extended network of peers we will meet soon.

A few things follow to prepare you for next week (if you have not seen it yet, see the overview of the seminar).

You Will Be Tweeting

Twitter will be an open gathering ground not only for the students in ResNetSem but other potential interested people in what we are doing and your own research. So if it has taken the summer off, dust off the twitter account you plan to use, and send a greeting out with the #resnetsem tag. Make sure you know how to see the activity on that hashtag and send a reply to someone in there.


Really flickr photo by kennymatic shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

You Will Be Blogging

Like we did in Networked Narratives each of you will be writing up your work in your own blog. You do not need to decide or set one up yet, but be thinking about whether you will use an existing blog, maybe with a special tag/category for your ResNetSem work, or setting up a new blog.

This blog will be primarily a journal and central record keeping for your own development of your thesis but is also essential for me and others to know and support your work.

As something to consider, but is not required, as emerging scholars you may consider the advantages of setting up and publishing your work under your own internet domain, where you can not only manage multiple blogs, but also do many things you cannot do on free sites. With Reclaim Hosting (or other services) can register your own domain name and publish web content for $30 year. Just think about your options.

Where ever you choose to blog, all of your work will be aggregated together in this site as well as other research tools we will learn to use soon

CC0 Public Domain photo from Startup Stock Photos

You Will Be Annotating

Also as we did in Networked Narratives we will have activities to engage in shared annotations of readings on the web. Please make sure you can log into your account

You Will Be Saying Hello

As part of being a networked seminar we will be often overlapping with another seminar taught by someone you know very well. As a way of greeting / welcoming / networking, in our first meeting I will ask everyone to do a brief greeting (I am included in doing this too). If you don’t want to appear on camera, that’s fine, we just want to hear you.

For the intros, I am asking everyone to include:

  • Your name. first name only
  • Where you are from originally and where you live now. (just city/town)
  • Something you enjoy doing outside of school. (hobbies, interests)
  • Why am I doing a thesis? (the big question)

You Will Be Thesis-ing

From now through April 2018, get ready!

Featured Image: Han Solo Inside the LEGO Millennium Falcon flickr photo by shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license