Zzzzzzzip! We are after a last announcement for Week 8. No one in #resnetsem has been idle, but this is a tad symbolic.

Now that we here, let’s get back in gear. Next week will be our last scheduled seminar, and there is a writing assignment due (see below) for the final seminar class requirement. Then it’s some time for everyone to decompress, celebrate holidays, turn the leaf on the calendar.

But a note of suggestion- the time between the end of the semester and the start of the next should be an ideal time to find some focus, and start the first leg of the writing it will take to call your thesis done by end of the day April 19, 2018 (which is not as far away as you think).

The Red #ResNetSem Pill

It seems like in November the Net portion of #ResNetSem went dim, this blog and it’s author included. Despite some discussion in seminar this past week of “taking blogging and social media” off the table, that’s not happening.

We are taking the Red / ResNetSem Pill.

Blogging is a chore only if you approach it that way. It need not be a time sink, the format and language is informal, and despite all the things in the blog software interface, the functional process is no more complicated than writing a thoughtful email message.

The real opportunity of writing in public is the ability to get ideas from beyond our immediate group or circle of contacts. Think back to the people we connected with at the DML Conference, the conversation with Barbara Ganley, and the Thesis Tank.

Consider these reasons for blogging a thesis, all totally relevant for MA theses. Your work will eventually live in public view, so why not start now? This is not some arcane assignment task, a demonstrable ability to communicate ideas in public is a skill you will use and build from whatever you do beyond this experience.

But more so, it gets you in the practice of regular writing. But more than that- writing in public holds you accountable to the ideas and arguments you are proposing.

So there are some things to be blogged before next meeting . It’s on the table, as a few others.

What’s On The Table (to be done before next seminar)

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  • Meet. Schedule a one on one meeting by phone
  • Organize Literature Whether you are using Zotero or something else, start assembling a first draft collection of your references you think should be in your Literature review. Each item should have a one paragraph annotation that includes the central argument of the reading and how the you will take up this argument in light of your own work, along with how your work might be different or distinct.
  • Writing Space. Your writing needs to be done in Google Docs so we can collaborate, comment. If you have not done so already, create a Google Drive folder for your thesis writing. Using the Sharing options (right/control click on folder, select Share…) with me to allow to view. If you have any documents scattered elsewhere (the one pager we did in October, the conference proposal) move them to this folder. We have an expert organizer in our seminar, you know who to talk to 😉 Within there create:
    • Intro Draft. Start drafting your introduction, it should eventually ~1-3 pages to succinctly describe your project, the rationale, the problem/question addresses, the relevance/application. It’s a draft, but it needs to be started.
    • Outline. Start another document to brainstorm the structure of your these, possible headings, including Abstract, Acknowledgements, Introduction, Background, Methodology, Findings, Conclusions, etc. This can be an outline, or a sketch. But begin identifying the parts of the thesis that will need to be done.
  • That Chore Word. Yep, you must use your blog. Twice.
    • Working Title Yes, I said I would bug you on this. Write a post announcing your working title, why you love or hate it. This should take you at most 1o minutes considering we talked about it last meeting.
    • That Intro Draft Copy from your doc to a blog post. Re-edit it. Publish and tweet to #ResnetSem.

All this will be used next week in seminar as we assemble it for a first draft status report for the Arganee Journal.

Consider Us Fast Forwarded!


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