Not meant as an inquiry of how your week is going (but by all means tell us), more as an over-arching question on your research question… and it should hopefully be more that a crush or tears hung out to dry!

Something to keep in mind always, what is new, novel about your work? How is it related to works done before, similar, but also, where and how is it doing something unique, or new?

This is where you go as you research the topic, and find related works, or methods of narrative that may be similar or inspiring you.

For this Week

Continue reading and researching and honing your thesis questions:

  • Use Zotero build your references, but also, as you come across items, consider which ones should be shared into our ResNetSem Zotero group. Share at least one possible item that we can use for discussion on October 12.
  • Meet a Librarian Develop a specific research, resource question and schedule an appointment with a Kean reference librarian. Share the experience.
  • Blog Away Keep reflecting and blogging as you work to define your project more and more. Even ideas that are rejected are worth noting.

This week’s class time will focus on guests brought in as I am participating in the DML Conference. The keynotes/ featured sessions may be of interest and will be live streamed / archived:

In our class session on Thursday October 5 we will join by hangout two sessions being run through Virtually Connecting:

  • 1:45-2:15pm PT / 4:45-5:15pm ET We have 30 minutes with Dr Kim Jaxon (@drjaxon) associate professor of English (Composition & Literacy) at California State University, Chico. Her research interests include “theories of literacy, particularly digital literacies, the teaching of writing, participation, course design, and teacher education” plus she is a gamer and self-proclaimed geek. Bring tour questions for her, she’s awesome.

  • 2:30-3:00pm PT / 5:30-6:00pm PT And we also have 30 minutes with Henry Jenkins (@henryjenkins) (we like someone with a bio titled “Who the &%&# us Henry Jenkins”) Provost Professor of Communication, Journalism, Cinematic Arts and Education at the University of Southern California and guru/godfather of Participatory Culture. He is joined by Esra’a Al-Shafei (@ealshafei an activist from Bahrain. Get a sense of their Friday keynote/conversation session at the conference from How Young Activists Deploy Digital Tools for Social Change… but also be get your questions on Participatory Culture prepped too.

Make good use of this time to connect with other scholars and colleagues and students who will be in these sessions, include someone named Mia Zamora who will have students from Norway joining too 😉

There is much happening this week to drive that question — what will you bring new to the field of writing, digital humanities, participatory culture with your thesis research?

Featured Image: Combination of images in foreground 1983-09-06 ‘What’s New’ by Linda Ronstadt With The Nelson Riddle Orchestra [West Germany Polygram for U.S. Asylum Records ‘Target’ Pressing] flickr photo by Wishbook shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license and National Park Service photo Researcher in Library Reading Room Interior of the Maritime Research Center shared into the public domain as a US Government resource.

And yes we question and note the irony of the “All Righrs Reserved” in the original imag…